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Duplex vs Super Duplex Cost

Duplex Steel Price Per Kg

Duplex Stainless Steel Price Origin Price in INR
(per kg)
Price in USD
(per kg)
Price in Euro
(per kg)
Duplex Steel Price in India Indian Rs 260/- $3.69 €3.19
Duplex Steel Price in Malaysia Malaysia Rs 270/- $3.83 €3.31
Duplex Stainless Steel Price in Singapore Singapore Rs 280/- $3.97 €3.43
Duplex Stainless Steel Price in Japan Japanese Rs 280/- $3.97 €3.43
Duplex Stainless Steel Material Price in UK / Europe European Rs 300/- $4.25 €3.68
Duplex Stainless Steel Price in USA USA Rs 350/- $4.96 €4.29

Super Duplex Stainless Steel Price Per Kg

Super Duplex Stainless Steel Price Origin Price in INR
(per kg)
Price in USD
(per kg)
Price in Euro
(per kg)
Super Duplex Stainless Steel Price in India Indian Rs 280/- $3.97 €3.43
Super Duplex Steel Price in Malaysia Malaysia Rs 290/- $4.11 €3.55
Super Duplex Price Per Kg in Singapore Singapore Rs 300/- $4.25 €3.68
Super Duplex Steel Price in Japan Japanese Rs 320/- $4.54 €3.92
Super Duplex Stainless Steel Material Price in UK / Europe European Rs 340/- $4.82 €4.17
Super Duplex Steel Price in USA USA Rs 380/- $5.39 €4.66

Duplex Stainless Steel Properties

Duplex stainless steel properties are that they are work hardenable and highly resistant to corrosion. Duplex stainless steel has inbuilt composition of both ferritic and austenitic stainless steels; therefore, it displays the characteristic and properties of both these steels. Due to this combination, duplex stainless steel is much tougher than the normal ferritic stainless steel or the austenitic stainless steel. Duplex stainless steel has the ability to resist cracking under stress corrosion, which is not seen in the other general types of stainless steel. The magnetic property of duplex stainless steel is uncommon in the other austenitic types of stainless steel.

Duplex Stainless Steel Composition

Duplex stainless steel composition varies, based on the kind of duplex stainless steel alloy. Duplex stainless steels have properties that are characteristic of ferritic stainless steels and also of austenitic stainless steels. Generally, duplex stainless steels are tougher than ferritic stainless steels. These material have a corrosion resistance that is far greater than most of the other grades of stainless steel that are in common use, such as 316, 304, etc. The basic idea of creating duplex stainless steels, was to create a product, that is a mixture of both austenite and ferrite stainless steels.

View Super Duplex Stainless Steel Composition. Here are some typical composition of Hyper Duplex Stainless Steel, 22 Cr Duplex Stainless Steel, 1.4462 Duplex Stainless Steel and Lean Duplex Stainless Steel:

Grade  EN No/UNS Type Approx Composition 
Cr Ni Mo N Mn W Cu
2101 LDX 1.4162/ 
Lean 21.5  1.5 0.3 0.22 5 - -
DX2202 1.4062/ S32202 Lean 23 2.5 0.3 0.2 1.5 - -
RDN 903 1.4482/ 
Lean 20 1.8 0.2  0.11 4.2 - -


 Lean 23 4.8  0.3  0.10 - - -
2205 1.4462/ 
Standard  22 5.7 3.1 0.17 - - -
2507 1.4410/ 
Super 25 7 4 0.27 - - -
Zeron 100 1.4501/ 
Super 25  7 3.2 0.25 - 0.7 0.7
Uranus 2507Cu
Super 25 6.5 3.5 0.25 - - 1.5

Duplex Stainless Steel Equivalent

Grade EN No / UNS Type
2101 LDX  1.4162/ S32101 Duplex
2304 1.4362/ S32304 Duplex
DX2202 1.4062/ S32202 Duplex
Duplex 2205  1.4462/ S31803/ S32205 Duplex
Zeron 100  1.4501/ S32760 Duplex
Ferrinox 255/ 
Uranus 2507Cu
1.4507/ S32520/ S32550 Duplex
Super Duplex 2507 1.4410/ S32750 Duplex
6% Mo 1.4547/ S31254 Austenitic
  • All material sourced from Western European mills and meeting leading International standards
  • ASTM A240, ASME SA240, BS EN 10028-7, BS EN 10088-2 and BS EN 10088-4
  • EN 10088/2, EN 10088/4 and CE Marking
  • NACE MR 0175/ISO 15156 Certification
  • All our stock is certified as per International specifications
  • Super Duplex Ferritic
  • Austenitic Duplex Stainless Steel

Their features made them very attractive compared to equivalent Super Duplex Austenitic grades:

  • higher resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking,
  • higher mechanical properties
  • and lower alloy cost.

Duplex Steel Grades

There are many duplex steel grades such as Duplex 2304 stainless steel, which is also referred to as lean duplex grade. 2304 duplex steel grade has high resistance to stress corrosion splitting, fine weldability, first-rate machinability, high thermal conductivity, elevated mechanical strength, etc. 2507 stainless steel super duplex grade has elevated molybdenum, chromium and nickel levels, hence it offers a tremendous resistance to pitting and general corrosion. LDX2101 Stainless Steel has the same amazing properties as the others and it is mainly used as it too shows tremendous strength, durability and cost efficiency.

Duplex stainless steel grades are the largest used stainless steel grade. Characteristic of duplex stainless steels are their high yield strength, which is twice more than standard austenitic stainless steel grades. Duplex stainless steels are in demand because of their price stability, their better resistance to corrosion, their higher strength and their lower price. There are many grades of duplex stainless steels and some of them are S32520, S32001, S31803, S32205, S32304, 4404, 2304, 4501, 4521, LDX 2101, 254 SMO, 2507 and 4301. Duplex stainless steels can very easily be differentiated from other austenitic grades of stainless steel, as they are magnetic.

Grade  EN No/UNS Type
2205 1.4462/ S31803/ S32205 Standard

Lean duplex stainless steel grades

Lean duplex stainless steel grade  EN No/ UNS Type
2101 LDX 1.4162/ S32101 Lean
DX2202 1.4062/ S32202 Lean
RDN 903 1.4482/ S32001 Lean

1.4362/ S32304


Super Duplex Steel Grades

Super duplex steel grades are S31200, S32760, S31260, S32900, S32550, S32950 and S32750. Super duplex stainless steel microstructure is a mixture of ferrite and austenite components. Super duplex stainless steel is a very tough and sturdy duplex steel, which is highly corrosion resistant. Because of the microstructure, super duplex stainless steel warranties a high resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking, compared to the other general stainless steels. The chemical composition of super duplex stainless steel has high levels of molybdenum, chromium and nickel, with some addition of nitrogen, to increase the ultimate and yield strengths.

Super Duplex Grade  EN No/UNS Type
2507 1.4410/ S32750 Super Duplex
Zeron 100 1.4501/ S32760 Super Duplex
Ferrinox 255/ Uranus 2507Cu 1.4507/ S32520/ S32550 Super Duplex

Duplex Steel Density

Duplex steel density is 7.8 g/cm3. The Thermal Expansion of duplex stainless steel is 11 m/μm/°C. The Electrical Resistivity of duplex stainless steel is 8.12 μohm/cm. The Thermal Conductivity of duplex stainless steel is 15 W.m -1.°K-1. The Chemical Composition of duplex stainless steel is Cu is 0.5 min. and 1 max., C is 0.03 max., N is 0.24 min. and 0.35 max., P is 0.35 max., Mn is 2 max., Mo is 3 min. and 5 max., Si is 1 max., Ni is 6 min. and 8 max., Cr is 24 min. and 26 max., and S is 0.015 max.

Duplex Stainless Steel Market

The duplex stainless steel market is huge, as there is a big demand for this material, all over the globe, because of its properties. Duplex stainless steels are resistant to stress corrosion cracking. Duplex stainless steels have a metallurgy that is far more complex as compared with ferritic steels or austenitic steels. The most in demand duplex stainless steel is 2205, because of its high strength and superb resistance to corrosion. The name of grade 2205 stainless steel is derived from the fact that it contains 22% Chromium and 5% Nickel. There is a lot of marketing activity that surrounds duplex stainless steel and all the time, new grades are being declared.

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Summary of Duplex Characteristics

  • Twice design strength of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels
  • Wide range of corrosion resistance to match application
  • Good toughness down to minus 80 deg C but not genuine cryogenic applications
  • Particular resistance to stress corrosion cracking
  • Weldable with care in thick sections
  • More difficult to form and machine than austenitics
  • Restricted to 300 deg C maximum 

Pren number of Duplex Stainless Steel

Pitting resistance equivalent numbers (PREN) are a theoretical way of comparing the pitting corrosion resistance of various types of stainless steels, based on their chemical compositions.

Grade EN No Type Typical PREN number
2101 LDX / S32101 1.4162 Duplex 26
2304 / S32304 1.4362 Duplex 26
DX2202 / S32202 1.4062 Duplex 27 
Duplex 2205 / S31803/ S32205 1.4462 Duplex 35
Zeron 100 / S32760 1.4501 Duplex 41
Ferrinox 255/ Uranus 2507Cu / S32520/ S32550 1.4507 Duplex 41
Super Duplex 2507 / S32750 1.4410 Duplex 43
6% Mo/ S31254 1.4547 Austenitic 44


Location wise estimated delivery time for Austenitic Ferritic Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless Steel

Country Days Country Days
Vietnam 20 Albania 20
UAE 15 Thailand 20
Nigeria 40 Ethiopia 40
Turkey 30 Tanzania 30
Bahrain 15 Kenya 40
Libya 40 Syria 40
Zambia 40 Egypt 40
Italy 40 India 7
Saudi Arabia 15 Qatar 15
Namibia 40 Indonesia 20
South Africa 40 Australia 40
Uganda 40 Angola 40
Kazakhstan 20 Algeria 20
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