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Inconel 718 Price Per Kg

Inconel 718 price per kg in India is Rs. 3500. This means that in Great Britain, the price per kilo of Inconel 718, would be roughly around 40 Pounds. But this would not mean that this would be the very same price at which Inconel 718 would be available all around the globe. Fact is, the cost of Alloy 718 UNS N07718 keeps on fluctuating and that is why at different times, it might be available at different prices in countries like Japan, UK, USA, Singapore, Europe, China, etc. For example, Inconel 718 might cost 5% less in China, than it would cost in India. Or, Inconel 718 might be 35% less expensive in India, than it is in the USA.
Inconel 718 Price Origin Price in INR
(per kg)
Price in USD
(per kg)
Price in Euro
(per kg)
Alloy N07718 Price in India Indian Rs 3500/- $50 €40
Inconel 718 Price in Japan Japanese Rs 3600/- $51 €43
Alloy 718 Price in UK / Europe European Rs 3700/- $54 €46
Alloy 718 Price in USA USA Rs 4500/- $65 €56

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Alloy 718 Chemical Composition

ASTM B637, B 670, B 906
UNS Number N07718
NACE MR-01-75

In what forms is Inconel 718 Available at Steel Tubes India?
  • Sheet
  • Plate
  • Bar
  • Wire

Inconel 718 Chemical Composition, %

Ni Fe Cr Cu Mo Nb C Mn
50.00-55.00 Remainder 17.00-21.00 .30 max 2.80-3.30 4.75-5.50 .08 max .35 max
P S Si Ti Al Co B  
.015 max .015 max .35 max .65-1.15 .20-.80 1.00 max .006 max  

Inconel 718 Applications

Inconel 718 applications are in big demand in high temperature fasteners and bolts. Inconel 718 is also used in high speed airframe parts of the likes of spacers, buckets, wheels, etc. Alloy 718 is also used in jet engine parts, as such engines require parts that have high strength. The Chemical Composition of Inconel 718 is Carbon 0.045 max, Nickel 50.0 min 55.0 max, Phosphorus 0.010 max, Molybdenum 2.80 min 3.30 max, Manganese 0.35 max, Columbian + Tantalum 4.87 min 5.20 max, Chromium 17.00 min 21.00 max, Silicon 0.35 max, Selenium 5 ppm max, Sulfur 0.010 max, Copper 0.230 max, Lead 10 ppm max, Magnesium 60 ppm max, Bismuth 30 ppm max, Cobalt 1.00 max and Iron is remainder.

In what applications is Inconel 718 used?
  • Chemical processing
  • Aerospace
  • Liquid fuel rocket motor components
  • Pollution-control equipment
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Cryogenic storage tanks
  • Valves, fasteners, springs, mandrels, tubing hangers
  • Well head completion equipment and blow out preventers (BOP’s)
  • Gas turbine engine parts

ASTM Specifications

Sheet/Plate Bar Wire
B670 B637 -

Inconel 718 Mechanical Properties  
Typical room temperature properties, 1800°F annealed condition

Ultimate Tensile Strength, psi .2% Yield Strength psi Elongation % Hardness Rockwell B
135,000 70,000 45 100

Alloy 718 Hardness and Microstructure

With reference about the Alloy 718 hardness and microstructure, due to the process of solidification, the microstructure of Alloy N07718 is different, as compared with materials that are manufactured by using the conventional methods. With reference to the N07718 material hardness, it has a Minimum Hardness of 32 RC and a Maximum Hardness of 40 RC.

Alloy N07718 Melting Point

Solution Treated
Solution Treated and Aged
0.296 lb/in3 (8.192 g/cm3)
0.297 lb/in3 (8.22 g/cm3)
Specific Gravity
Melting Range

Inconel 718 Equivalent

Inconel 718 2.4668 N07718 NCF 718

Check alloy 718 material properties and 2.4668 material equivalent

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