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2.4665 Hastelloy X Price Per Kg

Hastelloy X Price Origin Price in INR
(per kg)
Price in USD
(per kg)
Price in Euro
(per kg)
UNS N06002 Price in India Indian Rs 4000/- $58 €50
Alloy N06002 Price in Japan Japanese Rs 5500/- $81 €69
2.4665 material Price in UK / Europe European Rs 6000/- $28 €24
2.4665 Hastelloy X Price in USA USA Rs 7000/- $30 €25

Hastelloy X Price Per Pound

Hastelloy X price per pound is approximately 15.41 Pounds, which would mean that it is roughly Rs. 3000 per kilo in India. But this does not indicate that the price of Hastelloy X would be the same in countries like Japan, China, Singapore, Europe, USA, etc. Hastelloy X could cost 20% more in Japan, than it would cost in India. Or Hastelloy X could be 35% costlier in the USA, than it is in India. Another important fact that has to be kept in mind is that the price of Hastelloy X never remains the same.

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UNS Number:
ASTM B435, B572, AMS 5536, 5754, 5798

Hastelloy X Density & Hardness

With reference to Hastelloy X Density & Hardness, the Density of Hastelloy X is 0.297 lb/in³ (8.22 g/cc). The Rockwell B hardness of Hastelloy X is 92. The HRB hardness of Hastelloy X is 86. Hastelloy X has an Ultimate Tensile Strength of 111000 psi (765 MPa). The Yield Tensile Strength of Hastelloy X is 55100 psi (380 MPa). Hastelloy X has an Elongation at Break of 44.2%. The Modulus of Elasticity of Hastelloy X is 139 GPa (20200 ksi). The linear CTE of Hastelloy X is 8.33 µin/in-°F (15.0 µm/m-°C). Hastelloy X has a Thermal Conductivity of 117 BTU-in/hr-ft²-°F (16.9 W/m-K).

Hastelloy X Applications & AMS Nos.

The Melting Point of Hastelloy X is 2300 - 2471 °F (1260 - 1355 °C). The Maximum Service Temperature (Air) of Hastelloy X is 2003 °F (1095 °C). The Liquidus of Hastelloy X is 2471 °F (1355 °C). The Solidus of Hastelloy X is 2300 °F (1260 °C). Regarding Hastelloy X applications & AMS Nos., Hastelloy X AMS Nos., are AMS 5536, AMS 5798, AMS 5588, AMS 5799, AMS 5754 and AMS 5888. Hastelloy X is used in many applications and industries like power plants, forged parts, petrochemical plants, industrial heating, gas turbine engines, chemical plants, etc.

Hastelloy X chemical composition

Hastelloy X properties

Hastelloy X Ni C Mo Mn Si Fe P S Co Cr
balance 0.05 – 0.15 8.00-10.00 1.0 max 1.00 max 17.00 – 20.00 0.04 max 0.03 max 0.50 – 2.50 20.50-23.00

Hastelloy X Mechanical Properties

Density Melting Point Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Tensile Strength Elongation
8.22 g/cm³ 1355°C 240 MPa 655 MPa 35 %

Hastelloy X Melting Point

Melting Point

Hastelloy X Equivalent

Hastelloy X N06002 2.4665


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