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Copper Density

The oldest of all the metals to be used by the human race is none other than copper. Copper density is 8.96 g/cm³. The crystal structure of copper is FCC. Copper has an Atomic number of 29. The Atomic weight of copper is 63.546. Copper has a Melting Point of 1084.62 °C. The Boiling Point of copper is 2567 °C. The specific gravity of copper is 8.96 (20 °C). Copper is reddish in color and it has a bright metallic luster. Copper is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Copper is ductile and it is also malleable.

Copper Hardnes

Copper hardness is 2.5 - 3. The symbol for copper is Cu, which has been derived from the Latin word cuprum. Copper has good machinability, good biofouling resistance and superb corrosion resistance. Copper is non-magnetic. At cryogenic temperatures, copper can retain its electrical and mechanical properties. Copper is used for many purposes such as roofing, cladding, electrical wiring, heating systems, etc.

Copper Alloy Properties

By alloying copper, its performance can be altered, so as to make it beneficial for use in different types of industries, environments, manufacturing processes and applications. Copper alloy properties are many. For instance, unalloyed copper has high corrosion resistance and it has reasonable tensile strength. Unalloyed copper also has good soldering and joining properties and it can be easily fabricated. Unalloyed copper also has good electrical and thermal conductivities. There are over 400 alloys of copper and each of them has unique properties.

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Copper Alloy Types

Copper alloy types are many and some of them are red brass, semi-red brass, manganese bronze, tin bronze, leaded tin bronze, high-leaded tin bronze, aluminium bronze and silicon bronze. As the temperature decreases, copper alloys tend to be more ductile and they also tend to get stronger. Copper alloys offer excellent resistance to corrosion. Alloys of copper retain very good impact resistance to 20 K. Alloys of copper are extremely versatile materials. Copper alloys are used in fields like electronics, industrial fittings, industrial castings, ship building, etc.

Copper Products Manufacturers in India

Copper Products have good corrosion resistance, good machinability, excellent heat conductivity, they are non-magnetic, they have good biofouling resistance and they have excellent electrical conductivity. Copper alloys also display retention of electrical properties and mechanical properties, at cryogenic temperatures. Copper alloys have a disagreeable taste and they also have a very peculiar smell.  Typical tempers of alloys of copper are soft, half-hard, hard, spring and extra-spring.

Atomic Weight of Copper

Atomic Weight of Copper on an average, is 63.546 amu. The Atomic volume of copper is 7.1 cm3/mol. The Melting point of copper is 1357.77 K (1084.62 °C) and it has a Boiling point of 2833 K (2560 °C). The Specific heat capacity of copper is 0.38 J g-1 K-1. Copper has an Electron affinity of 118.5 kJ mol-1. The Heat of fusion of copper is 13.050 kJ mol-1. The Heat of atomization of copper is 338 kJ mol-1. The Heat of vaporization of copper is 300.30 kJ mol-1.

Whether you are seeking copper or copper alloys, you can be sure of one thing, we offer the highest quality of copper and its alloys, at the best rates. So, whatever be your need for copper or copper alloys, be sure to give us a call, it is one call you will not regret.

Copper Price Per Kg

Copper Alloy Price Origin Price in INR
(per kg)
Price in USD
(per kg)
Price in Euro
(per kg)
Price in India Indian Rs 400/- $6 €4
Price in Japan Japanese Rs 650/- $9 €8
Price in UK / Europe European Rs 850/- $12 €10
Price in USA USA Rs 1000/- $14 €12

Copper Composition properties

Copper Piping Products
1057 Seamless, round tubes for water and gas in sanitary and heating applications 2871 Pt1
12449 Seamless, round tubes for general purposes 2871 Pt2
12450 Seamless, Round capillary tubes
12451 Seamless, round tubes for heat exchangers 2871 Pt3
12452 Rolled, finned, seamless tubes for heat exchangers -
12735 Seamless, round tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration Part 1: Tubes for piping systems - Part 2: Tubes for equipment -
13348 Seamless, round tubes for medical gases -
13349 Pre-insulated tubes with solid covering -
13600 Seamless copper tubes for electrical purposes 1977

Copper Equivalent

Copper Equivalents to grade CuZn20Al2

    Country   -   Germany         Standard   -   DIN 17660     Grade   -   CuZn20Al2  

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