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In the specification for ASTM B619 Pipe, are covered Hastelloy welded pipe and these are divided into 2 classes, namely: 1) Welded, cold worked and solution annealed. 2) Welded and sized and solution annealed OR welded and solution. According to their chemical composition, these pipes are categorized into various grades. In this specification are covered welded pipes that can be got in Schedules such as 10S, 5S, 80S and 40S through 8-in. These pipes are obtainable in nominal pipe sizes or larger sizes, as is laid out in ANSI B36.19.

The Hastelloy C276 Tube that we at Steel Tubes India, manufacture, are run through the toughest quality tests, to ensure that our clients located all around the world, get these pipes, that are in keeping with international quality standards. Some of the quality tests that we at Steel Tubes India run these products through, include the likes of Flattening Test, Pitting Resistance Test, Hardness Test, Spectro Analysis, Intergranular Corrosion Test, PMI Testing, Flaring Test, to name a few. Upon request by clients, we also provide various test documentation such as Raw Materials Certificate, NACE MR 01075, Third Party Inspection Report, 100% Radiography Test Report, FERRIT Content, etc.

Hastelloy C22 Tube has very good Elongation, Yield Strength and Tensile Strength. These pipes are available in descaled condition and in solution annealed state. Descaling is not required, if atmosphere control is used. Pipes made of Hastelloy C22 display ferromagnetic properties and they also have very good resistance to corrosion and that is why they are used in various industries and processes such as sea water equipment, turbine engines, gas processing, condensers, pharmaceuticals, power generation, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical equipment, off-shore oil drilling, heat exchangers, specialty chemicals, etc.

We, Steel Tubes India, are stockists and suppliers of ASTM B619 Welded Pipe and these pipes are available with us in lengths of within 13,500 mm and sizes of 6.00 mm OD - 914.4 mm OD. The grades of these pipes that can be obtained from us are UNS N06022 and UNS N10276. These pipes are of the type Welded Pipes and they are available with us in thicknesses of 0.3 mm – 50 mm, SCH 80S, SCH 40, SCH 5, SCH XXS, SCH 80, SCH10 and SCH 160. Our materials are of the highest quality, meeting international specifications and we even provide our buyers with Material Test Certificates (MTC), as per EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2.

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ASTM B619 / B619M - 17b

ASTM B619 is a Standard Specification for Welded Nickel and Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Pipe

ASTM B619 specification covers welded pipe of nickel and nickel-cobalt alloys (UNS N10001; UNS N10242; UNS N10665; UNS N12160; UNS N10624; UNS N10629; UNS N10675; UNS N10276; UNS N06455; UNS N06007; UNS N06975; UNS N08230; UNS 06002; UNS N06022; UNS N06035; UNS N06058; UNS N06059; UNS N06200; UNS N06985; UNS N06030; UNS R30556; UNS N08031; UNS N06230; UNS N06686; UNS N06210; and UNS R20033). Two classes of pipe are covered as Class I which is as welded and solution annealed or welded and sized and solution annealed; and Class II which is welded, cold worked, and solution annealed.

An ASTM designation number identifies a unique version of an ASTM standard.

B619 / B619M - 17b

B = nonferrous metals;

619 = assigned sequential number

M = SI units

17 = year of original adoption (or, in the case of revision, the year of last revision)

b = indicates subsequent revision in same year

The composition of the remainder shall be determined arithmetically by difference.
1.2 This specification covers pipe in Schedules 5S, 10S, 40S, and 80S through 8-in. nominal pipe size and larger as set forth in ANSI B36.19 (see Table 2).

(A) Schedules 5S and 10S wall thicknesses do not permit threading in accordance with ANSI B2.1-1960.
1.3 Two classes of pipe are covered as follows:

1.3.1 Class I—As welded and solution annealed or welded and sized and solution annealed.

1.3.2 Class II—Welded, cold worked, and solution annealed.


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ASTM B619 Welded Pipes Specifications
Size 6.00 mm OD up to 914.4 mm OD
Thickness 0.3mm – 50 mm, SCH 5, SCH10, SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 80S, SCH 160, SCH XXS
Length Within 13500mm
Type Welded Pipes
Grades UNS N10276, UNS N06022 as per EN 10204/3.1B

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