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This specification of ASTM B464 Pipe is of welded Alloy 20 pipes that are resistant to corrosion and meant for use in vessels of high temperatures. Pipes manufactured with ASTM B464 material, have high impact strength and a high tensile strength, along with a high thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Because of their characteristics, pipes made from ASTM B464 material are used in a wide number of industries and applications such as gas processing, sea water equipment, pharmaceuticals, condensers, power generation, chemical equipment, pulp and paper industry, specialty chemicals, off-shore oil drilling companies, etc.

At Steel Tubes India, we ensure that each and every one of our ASTM B464 N08020, adheres to the chemical composition requirements of silicon, molybdenum, phosphorus, tantalum, chromium, carbon, columbium, nitrogen, sulfur, iron, copper, manganese, niobium and nickel. Our quality standards are the highest and to ensure this, we run stringent quality tests on our ASTM B464 UNS N08020 pipes, such as Positive Material Identification, Hardness Test, Flaring Test, Flattening Test, Pitting Resistance Test, Spectro Analysis, etc. We also implement strict measures to ensure that the pipes of this material adhere to mechanical property requirements with regards to Elongation, Tensile Strength and Yield Strength.

Alloy 20 Pipe are thoroughly tested by us, Steel Tubes India, by using various testing methods such as transverse guided bend test, flattening test and nondestructive test. Pipes made by us of this material, are resistant to oxidation and corrosion, their surface stability is very good, they are resistant to thermal creep deformation and they display superb mechanical strength. These pipes are very resistant to inter–granular corrosion from carbides. Because these pipes contain low carbon content, during heat treatment, the risk of carbide precipitation is reduced at the grain boundaries.

We, Steel Tubes India, are manufacturers and suppliers of ASTM B464 Welded Pipe, which are available with us in the following grades: Alloy 20 Welded Pipe, ASTM B464 Welded Pipe, Carpenter 20 pipes and ASTM B464 UNS N08020. These pipes can be purchased from us in thicknesses of 0.3 mm – 50 mm, SCH 80S, SCH 5, SCH XXS, SCH 80, SCH10, SCH 160 and SCH 40. These pipes are available from us in sizes from 6.00 mm OD up to 914.4 mm OD and length within 13500 mm. The type of these pipes is Welded Pipes. We even provide Material Test Certificates (MTC), as per EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2.

Carpenter 20 pipes, Alloy 20 ASTM B464 Welded Pipe. Buy ASTM B464 Carpenter 20 Pipe Price in India

ASTM B464 / B464M - 15

ASTM B464 is a Standard Specification for Welded UNS N08020 Alloy Pipe

ASTM B464 specification covers welded UNS N08020, N08024, and N08026 alloy pipe for general corrosion-resisting and low- or high-temperature service. The pipe shall be made from flat-rolled stock by an automatic welding process with no addition of filler metal.

An ASTM designation number identifies a unique version of an ASTM standard.

B464 / B464M - 15

B = nonferrous metals;

464 = assigned sequential number

M = SI units

15 = year of original adoption (or, in the case of revision, the year of last revision)


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ASTM B464 Alloy 20 Welded Pipe, ASTM B464 Carpenter 20 Pipe, Supplier of ASTM B464 Nickel Alloy Pipes, ASTM B464 Alloy UNS N08020 Welded Pipe, ASME SB464 Pipes Stockist in Mumbai, India

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ASTM B464 Welded Pipes Specifications
Size 6.00 mm OD up to 914.4 mm OD
Thickness 0.3mm – 50 mm, SCH 5, SCH10, SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 80S, SCH 160, SCH XXS
Length Within 13500mm
Type Welded Pipes
Grades ASTM B464 Welded Pipe, Alloy 20 Welded Pipe, ASTM B464 UNS N08020, Carpenter 20 pipes


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