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ASTM B187 / B187M - 16

ASTM B187 is a Standard Specification for Copper, Bus Bar, Rod, and Shapes and General Purpose Rod, Bar, and Shapes

ASTM B187 specification establishes the requirements for copper conductor bars, rods, and shapes for both electrical (bus) and general applications. Products shall be produced in tempers O60 (soft annealed), and H04 (hard). Products shall be sampled and prepared, then tested accordingly to examine their conformance to dimensional (mass, diameter, thickness, width, shape, specified and stock lengths, straightness, edge contour, and radius of edges or corners), mechanical (tensile, yield and bend strengths, elongation, Rockwell hardness, and embrittlement), electrical resistivity, and chemical composition requirements.


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ASTM B187 C11000 H04, COPPER ASTM B187 C11000, ASTM B187 UNS C11000, ASTM B187 C10100 stockist

The products for electrical (bus) applications shall be made from the following coppers:

Copper UNS No.3 Reference Designation
C10100 OFE
C10200 OF
C10300 OFXLP
C10400, C10500, C10700 OFS
C10920, C10930, C10940
C11000 ETP
C11300, C11400, C11500, C11600 STP
C12000 DLP

Copper UNS No.3 Reference Designation
C10800  OFLP
C12200 DHP

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Forms available of ASTM B187 Bars:

ASTM B187 Bar ASME SB187 Rod
ASTM B187 Square Bar ASTM B187 Black bars
ASTM B187 Threaded Bar ASTM B187 Rectangular Bar
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ASTM B187 Square Round Bar ASTM B187 36" Round Bar
ASTM B187 Cold Drawn Round Bar Mill Finish ASTM B187 Round Bar
ASTM B187 Round Rods ASTM B187 Hex Bar
ASTM B187 Flat Bar ASTM B187 Rod Bar
ASTM B187 Ingot supplier ASME SB187 Hollow Bar
ASTM B187 Shaft Bar ASTM B187 Rectangle Bar
ASTM B187 Hollow Round Bar ASTM B187 Forged Bar
ASTM B187 Extruded Round Bar ASTM B187 3 Ft Round Bar
ASTM B187 Polished Round Bar ASME SB187 6 Ft Round Bar
ASTM B187 UNS N02201 Block ASME SB187 Rods


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