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In the ASTM B166 specification is included ASTM B166 Bar and this specification also includes Inconel 601 Round Bar, ASTM B348 UNS N06601, Inconel 600 Round Bar and ASTM B166 UNS N06600. Inconel 600 and Inconel 601 are alloys of chromium-iron-nickel, to which have been added copper, titanium and molybdenum. The chemical composition of Inconel 601 and Inconel 600 is such that they are extremely resistant to crevice corrosion, stress-corrosion cracking, pitting and intergranular corrosion. Round bars of both Inconel 600 and Inconel 601 have very good mechanical properties.

Inconel 600 has a Density of 8.47 g/cm3. The Elongation of Inconel 600 is 40%. Inconel 600 has a Melting Point of 2580 °F (1413 °C). The Tensile Strength of Inconel 600 is 95,000 Psi (655 MPa) and it has a Yield Strength of 45,000 Psi (310 MPa). Equivalent Grades of Inconel 600 are JIS NCF 600, AFNOR NC15FE11M, WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4816, GOST МНЖМц 28-2,5-1,5, EN NiCr15Fe, BS   NA 13 and UNS N06600. The Chemical Composition of Inconel 600 is Si 0.50 max, Cu 0.50 max, C 0.15 max, Ni 72 min, Mn 1 max, Fe 6.0-10.0, Cr 14.0–17.0 and S 0.15 min.

The Nickel Chromium Iron Alloy Bar that we, supply to clients all over the world, are available with us in tolerances of H13K9, H8, K11, H9, K12, H11, K10, H10 and H12 or we can also supply these based on specific requirements of clients. These bars are available with us in lengths of 100 mm - 3000 mm long and above and in specifications of ASTM SB166/ASTM B166. We stock these ASTM B166 bars in forms such as Ingot, Square, Rectangle, Round, Forging, Hex (A/F), Billet, etc. We also provide our clients with various Standard Certificates, Documents and Test Certificates certifying NACE MR0103, NACE MR0175, etc.

We, Steel Tubes India, manufacture and supply ASTM B166 UNS N06600 bars. These bars are obtainable from us in dimensions such as JIS, AISI, EN, BS, DIN, ASTM and ASME and finishes such as Rough Turned, BA Finish, Black, NO. 4 Finish, Bright Polished and Matt Finish. These ASTM B166 bars can be procured from us in sizes of 5 mm - 500 mm and diameters of 0.1 mm to 100 mm. Whatever is your need for ASTM B166 UNS N06601 bars, be sure to call us, we assure you of the highest quality and the best price.

Distributor of ASTM B166 Square bar, ASTM B166 Threaded Bar, ASTM B166 Billet, ASTM B166 Ingot, ASTM B166 Flat Bar Stockist, ASTM B166 Shaft, ASTM B166 UNS N06601, ASTM B166 UNS N06600, ASTM B166 Hollow Bar, ASTM B166 Bright Bar, ASTM B166 Welding Rod, ASME SB166 Rectangular Bar. Check ASTM B166 Forged Bar Price in India

ASTM B166 - 11

ASTM B166 is a Standard Specification for Nickel-Chromium-Iron Alloys (UNS N06600, N06601, N06603, N06690, N06693, N06025, N06045, and N06696),* Nickel-Chromium-Cobalt-Molybdenum Alloy (UNS N06617), and Nickel-Iron-Chromium-Tungsten Alloy (UNS N06674) Rod, Round Bar, Flat Bar, Bar

ASTM B166 specification covers nickel-chromium-iron alloys (UNS N06600, N06601, N06603, N06690, N06693, N06025, N06045, and N06696) and nickel-chromium-cobaltmolybdenum alloy (UNS N06617) in the form of hot-finished and cold-worked rounds, squares, hexagons, rectangles, and cold-worked wire. ASTM B166 material shall conform to the composition limits specified in a reference material. The material shall be uniform in quality and condition, smooth, commercially straight or flat, and free of injurious imperfections. Mechanical properties of ASTM B166 alloys like tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and hardness shall be determined by tension and hardness tests.


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Forms available of ASTM B166 Bars:

ASTM B166 Bar ASME SB166 Rod
ASTM B166 Square Bar ASTM B166 Black bars
ASTM B166 Threaded Bar ASTM B166 Rectangular Bar
ASTM B166 Bright Bar ASTM B166 Rounds
ASTM B166 Billet ASME SB166 Unpolished Round Bar
ASTM B166 Cold Finish Bar Round Bar ASTM B166 Half Round Bar
ASTM B166 Cold Finished Round Bar ASTM B166 Hot Rolled Round Bar
ASTM B166 Cold Drawn Round Bar ASTM B166 Cold Rolled Round Bar
ASTM B166 Square Round Bar ASTM B166 36" Round Bar
ASTM B166 Cold Drawn Round Bar Mill Finish ASTM B166 Round Bar
ASTM B166 Round Rods ASTM B166 Hex Bar
ASTM B166 Flat Bar ASTM B166 Rod Bar
ASTM B166 Ingot supplier ASME SB166 Hollow Bar
ASTM B166 Shaft Bar ASTM B166 Rectangle Bar
ASTM B166 Hollow Round Bar ASTM B166 Forged Bar
ASTM B166 Extruded Round Bar ASTM B166 3 Ft Round Bar
ASTM B166 Polished Round Bar ASME SB166 6 Ft Round Bar
ASTM B166 UNS N02201 Block ASME SB166 Rods


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